Benefits for Patients

Dental Support Services for Dentists

Human resources

Our HR experts can help you find qualified employees, answer questions about benefits and policies, and solve problems with employees.


We are here to be a part of your IT support team, whether you are starting a practice from scratch or have an existing group practice that needs to cut down on tech downtime.


Our accounting team will assist you in managing your business by helping you pay bills, collect payments, check identification, file reports, keep track of stuff, and handle insurance claims.


So that dentists can focus on what they do best, Dental Support makes payroll easy.
Get full payroll services and support that has won awards.

practices support

We assist you in meeting all of the deadlines for regulatory compliance, resolving any issues that arise with insurance, and ensuring that both your personnel and patients do well.

marketing & Branding

Our marketing team will work to expand the practice while you concentrate on your patients. They will aid you in developing marketing strategies, purchasing media, monitoring your return on investment (ROI), and utilizing data to acquire new patients.